Akosua Adjepong given 14 day ultimatum to retract and apologise


The lawyer for highlife musician, Rex Omar, Ace Anan Ankomah has issued a 12 day ultimatum to Akosua Adjepong to retract and apologise for defamatory statements against their client.

The letter from the law firm Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah dated June 20, 2023, requests Akosua to withdraw allegations of thievery against their client.

Akosua Adjepong given 14 day ultimatum to retract and apologise for defamatory comments against Rex Omar

“We have our Client’s instructions to demand from you, and accordingly we demand, that you publicly retract the defamatory statements made against him and render an unqualified apology to him for tarnishing his hard-earned reputation on all the media outlets you have used to defame him, within 14 days from the date of receipt of this letter. We further demand that you desist forthwith from making any further malicious and false public utterances against our Client,” the letter states.

In the said letter, it mentioned that Akosua had on many occasions described their client, the members of the GHAMRO board and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abraham Adjetey as criminals and thieves without any evidence and lawful justification.

“On 23 December 2022, you granted an interview on a television programme called, ‘ Time with the Stars’ in Twi, which was posted on one Larry Bozzlz’s facebook page, where you stated that our Client and some Ghamro executives are embezzling Ghamro funds. You also granted an interview to One Captain Smart on Onua Tv, which interview was posted on YouTube on 22 March 2023 where you falsely stated that our Client together with Ghamro executives are embezzling Ghamro funds; and thus are thieves,” he writes.

He also mentions that “on 25 May 2023 in an interview on Power FM, you repeatedly called our Client a thief for stealing Ghamro funds. Further, in the interview, you falsely alleged that our Client has stolen items belonging to his brother-in-law, without lawful justification or proof.”

The letter noted that Rex Omar had on several occasions denied these allegations of stealing and given Akosua and relevant stakeholders such as Auditor General to conduct investigations to find out the truth.

“Our Client has also demanded that you produce the evidence of the alleged stealing, which you have, till date, failed to do. Yet you have persisted in your malicious desire to publish these blatant falsehoods against our Client.

“Further, your false statements have not only caused harm to his reputation but has also caused him emotional distress and financial losses,” it states.

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