3 ways to reverse wrong MTN mobile money transactions


Have you ever been in that heart-sinking situation where you mistakenly send money to the wrong person via MTN Mobile Money?

It’s a common mistake, but don’t panic! There are ways to reverse these transactions and get your money back.

Let’s explore three practical methods to rectify such errors. Remember, time is of the essence in these situations, so act fast!

Method 1: Quick cancellation

The first and quickest method is to try canceling the transaction immediately. Right after you realize the mistake, dial *170#, select ‘Wallet’ and then ‘My Approvals’.

Here, pending transactions can be found. If the recipient hasn’t yet withdrawn or used the funds, you’ll have the option to cancel the transaction.

This method works best if you act swiftly, as transactions are processed rapidly on the MTN network.

Method 2: Contacting customer service

If the quick cancellation doesn’t work, your next step is to contact MTN’s customer service. You can do this by dialing 100 on your MTN line.

Be ready to provide details like your ID, the transaction ID (found in your transaction history), and the amount sent.

The customer service team will guide you through the process and may contact the unintended recipient to facilitate the reversal.

Patience is key here, as the process can take some time, depending on the circumstances.

Method 3: Leveraging the MTN mobile money app

Lastly, if you have the MTN Mobile Money app, use it to your advantage. The app provides an option to dispute transactions.

Once you log in, navigate to the transaction history, select the wrong transaction, and choose the option to dispute it.

This sends a request directly to MTN for a transaction review. Like the customer service method, this may take a bit of time, but it’s effective, especially if you’re not able to make calls at the moment.

While accidentally sending money to the wrong person can be stressful, MTN provides mechanisms to rectify such mistakes.

Always double-check the recipient details before confirming a transaction to avoid these scenarios.

However, if you do find yourself in this predicament, remember these three methods: quick cancellation, contacting customer service, and using the MTN Mobile Money app. Stay vigilant and informed!



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