2024 Elections: Prophet Kofi Oduro predicts what Ghanaians will do to politicians


The head pastor and the founder of Alabaster International Ministries (Alabaster House Chapel), Prophet Kofi Oduro, has said that the 2024 general election would be one of the most dramatic that Ghana has ever witnessed.

According to him, politicians are going to spend lavishly to induce voters but Ghanaians are going to give them the shock of their lives at the voting booth.

Speaking in a viral video from his sermon last week, Prophet Kofi Oduro said that Ghanaians would take the ‘bribe’ from politicians and would not only vote against them but would also rain insults on them.

“Everybody would see his smoothness level in 2025. It is there you would realise that God does not speak (sic). Ghanaians are quiet, they are not talking. What they would do is in their heads.

“During the elections, people are going to be given GHC500, a t-shirt, touch light and cutlass as well as a bag of 5 kilos rice,” he said in Twi.

He added, “At 5 am we would be up, call our wards cook the rice, eat it with pepper and leave for the polling stations. By 7:00 am we would be in the queues to vote… When we got to the voting booth, we would tell them… ‘Honourable I have finished spending you GHC500, this is your picture, your forehead,”.



Source: ghanaweb

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