14-year-old conquers monstrous python in sugarcane farm


Fourteen-year-old Master Kwame Junior on Tuesday valorously conquered a monstrous 14-foot python on a sugarcane plantation at Benyadze, near Elmina in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) Municipality of the Central Region on Tuesday.

The young boy’s courageous act has evoked waves of admiration because, the snake had long plagued many residents, throughout the predominantly farming community.

Recounting his harrowing encounter, Junior stumbled upon the colossal python ensnared in his brother’s trap as he was en route to harvest sugarcane for his pigs.

The snake thrashed in the trap and uprooted some vegetation to exhibit its power, as it fiercely struggled for survival.

Observing meticulously, Junior, aware that snakes breathe in reverse, heaved a sigh of relief, and summoned his courage to slay the serpent in its evident distress.

Junior was guided by the Akan adage which says, “se wokum owo a, twa ne tiri preko,” meaning, “when you kill a snake, cut off its head, to ensure that it is dead.”

Master Junior skilfully severed the tail first and subsequently decapitated the animal after a protracted battle and a display of unwavering courage.

Fearlessly, Junior transported the snake after a 15-minute walk to his home.

Upon arrival, the community erupted in celebration over Junior’s triumph against the colossal snake that had scared farmers in the area for months.

He cautioned fellow residents to exercise extreme vigilance while venturing into the forest, as it was not his first encounter with a massive python in the vicinity, suspecting that more might be lurking around.

Kwame Junior’s heroic exploit has garnered widespread acclaim and commendation from the KEEA Municipality, with many lauding him as a true hero whose bravery stands as an inspiration to all.


Source: GNA

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