10 Signs That You Need to Leave Your Relationship ASAP


According to a Tinder poll, roughly 40% of millennials will not remain with the wrong person just to maintain their long-term relationship. If you find that your relationship isn’t making you happy or, worse, makes you feel insecure and sad, it’s often easier to let go of the person you’ve been dating for a long time.

There are several signs that suggest it is time to leave your partner. And, though they don’t always imply that everything is lost and there’s no point in fighting for your love, they will help you decide whether there’s an issue.

  1. You keep breaking up and getting back together

According to a study, more than one-quarter of all couples will split up and remarry at some point. And it’s possible that this will become a never-ending loop of on-again, off-again relationships. Perhaps you’re second-guessing yourself and decide to give your partner another chance, or perhaps you’re afraid to let go and move on. However, it is important to break the cycle because this form of relationship can be detrimental to both you and your partner.

Many couples who divorce and then reconnect argue more often, are more unsure about their future and are less happy with their partnership than those who do not. However, certain couples’ relationships become more stable over time, so it’s important to consider whether it’s really worth it to join yet another loop that may or may not make you happy.

  1. You don’t like yourself

It can be exhausting not to like yourself in a relationship, particularly if you don’t like who you’ve become as a result of your partner. Maybe you’ve grown apart from your loved ones, or you’re less driven to work toward your goals as a result of them. If your partner is continually dragging you down in some way, rather than inspiring and helping you, it’s time to cut them out of your life.

  1. Your partner is constantly criticizing you

It’s one thing to share your frustration with your partner’s actions, which can be a good thing to do and help you better connect with each other and develop yourself. It’s quite another when your wife criticises your personality and character.

When they do this, they are just venting their anger at you, accusing you and not expecting you to change for the better. These people are constantly insulted and must protect their ego. This can result in you and your partner losing respect for each other, if not outright disdain. So, if you’ve found that this happens often and there’s no way to avoid it, it may be best to leave that person.

  1. You’re afraid of being alone

Fear of being alone is insufficient reason to remain in a relationship, particularly if there are signs that your partner isn’t right for you and you’re unhappy. According to research, people who are afraid of being single settle for any partner just to be in a relationship. regardless of how this affects the consistency However, this does not improve the situation, and the fear will make it more difficult to leave an unsatisfying relationship.

  1. You live in the past

This is a red flag if you remember how much fun you used to have with your partner and how happy you were with them in the past more than you appreciate the actual relationship in the present. Being more in love with the memories of who your wife was or what your relationship used to be like will not offer you satisfaction if you know it is the only thing stopping you from leaving. As a result, it’s important to differentiate between what’s gone and won’t return and what’s genuine and worth staying for.

  1. Your partner is too unpredictable and intense

Some people can be sweet and charming one moment and then become furious the next. This action can make you feel frightened and threatened as if you must constantly walk on eggshells around them to avoid triggering them in minor ways. That means your partner is highly emotional.
It could be due to anxiety or depression, or it could be due to anger problems. These issues are manageable. However, if your partner refuses to acknowledge the issue and is unable to work on themselves, you can do what is best for you and leave this partnership that makes you feel frightened and confused.

  1. Your relationship is superficial

It’s understandable that you won’t instantly open up to someone and share your deepest secrets when you’ve just met them. Your discussions would be about more mundane topics, such as your hobbies or work. However, it is common for you and your partner to grow closer over time, which means you aren’t afraid to reveal your more vulnerable side or address more serious issues.

If you’ve been with someone for a long time and haven’t reached that stage, it might be a sign that your partner isn’t the right one for you. It may be because they are nervous, or because they have already opened up to someone and been rejected. However, if you consistently demonstrate to them that you want to have a deeper relationship with them and they do not respond in the same way, It might suggest that the right person is waiting for you somewhere else.

  1. Your relationship is one-sided

If your partner just wants to be with you when they need you, such as after a rough day at work or when they are experiencing other issues, this is not a positive sign. They may be using you to gain publicity while being unconcerned about what you require. And if you are always doing all of the work in your relationship, helping your partner even though they are not doing the same for you, you may be trapped.

  1. Your partner often says he’ll leave you

If your partner tries to leave you, for example, during a battle or when they are unable to convince you to do what they want, this may be a form of psychological coercion. They are manipulating you by leveraging your fear of abandonment. This controlling behaviour can spread to other areas of your life, so it is vital to identify it and put a stop to it before you are harmed.

  1. You don’t want to share the good news with your partner

If something good has happened in your life, but it no longer occurs to you to share it with your partner, it may be a sign that your relationship is in trouble. This may imply that you believe your happiness is unimportant to your partner because they no longer care for you as much as they used to. And if that’s the case, and they don’t truly inspire you and rejoice when you excel, it’s time to go.

Can you remember any of these symptoms from past relationships? When did you know it was time to call it quits?


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